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  • Holiday Hazards: Tips for Safe Celebration

    Although the coronavirus remains a concern, the 2021 holiday season is likely to feature more social gatherings than in 2020. But whether you expect a house full of guests or your immediate family, it’s important to celebrate safely.

  • Safer Driving on Winter Roads

    Snow and ice reduce friction under your car’s tires and make it more difficult to maneuver the vehicle. Taking these precautions and carrying appropriate insurance coverage could help make this winter a safer, more secure driving season.


  • Winter Is Coming — Will Your Home Be Ready?

    Winter storms and a prolonged stretch of frigid temperatures caused a record amount of property damage in 2021. This winterizing checklist could help protect your home and family.

  • Five Reasons Your Auto Claim Could Be Denied

    Reading the fine print on your insurance documents, and understanding your policy’s limitations and exemptions, gives you a chance to spot and fill potentially costly coverage gaps.


  • Hot and Dry: Protecting Your Home from Wildfires

    Severe drought and extreme June heat across the western United States created dangerous conditions for wildfires earlier than usual in 2021, and conditions were still critical going into the heart of the fire season from October through December. Here are some steps to help protect your home and family.

  • Where the Deer and Antelope Play: Avoiding Animal Collisions

    In many regions of the country, deer migration and mating season occurs from October through December, so drivers should be especially careful during these months. Consider these tips for avoiding animal collisions, and make sure you have comprehensive insurance coverage.


  • Are You Covered for Your Home-Based Business?

    If you run a business from your home, your homeowners policy may not provide sufficient coverage for your business assets and income. In-home business insurance policies can offer broader protection, tailor-made for businesses that operate out of a residence.

  • Born to Ride? Bikers Should Consider Safety and Insurance

    About 8.6 million motorcycles are on the road in the United States. Unfortunately, the fun of riding a motorcycle comes with added danger. Consider these tips before revving up your engine.